Abjadiyat by Karim Jabbari
item Cover

Abjadiyat tackles hovering between the aged and the novel and the genuine and the fake. It is meant to be a fresh beginning where there is nothing but a shade of an impending end; for all the elements that humanize us such as values, love and interactions are all on the verge of ebbing. Continuously attempting to express myself, words most often seem to fail me. Thus, I opted for art as a mean to spell out my feelings and thoughts about the time being. Abjadiyat could be regarded as an invitation that can be sent to everyone with a view to renew the bond with ourselves, history and truth. In pursuit of kindling the light attached to our souls, we have to eventually follow it so we can find our right paths. Bearing witness for my maturity- both as an artist and man, Abjadiyat is my fifth solo exhibition. Feeling prompted to share what I have learned, I am resolved to encourage people to shed light on their choices and reconsider the paths their lives are taking.