"Mirrors" Creative Platform
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Creative Platform "Mirrors" has celebrated a week abundant with art, design, film, jewelry, fashion and knowledge. Starting the 4th till the 16th of November, Mirrors has been representing regional networking and creative exposure under the patronage of H.E Sheikh Mohamed Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah, Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs and Ministry of Information. By being pleasantly hosted by The Hub, Mirrors Platform conveyed its theme; "we have entered an era of dogmatic skepticism". Generally, the platform has been in pursuit of finding the truth via artists portraying their innermost, delineating different cultures yet all assembled for the main theme "truth". The name "Mirrors" has been merely pointing at a figure of one opinion, devoid of certainty. Moreover, creative people from the region have attended the platform, among which were the Ambassadors of creativity to set forth their own translation of "linking between integrity and truth through art". Mirrors Platform welcomed Ambassadors: Abdulla Al-Awadhi, Ahmad Al-Ghanim, Amira Behbehani, Dr. Anas Al-Omeim, Faisal Al-Beshir, Faisal Dashti, Faisal Al-Duwaisan, Faika Al-Hassan, Hamza Bounoua, SheikhaMarwa Al-Khalifa, Mehdi Darvishi, Nada alawi, PooyaAryanpour, Samira Alikhanzadeh, Talal Hamadah and Zaman Jassim. Each of them had the aim of shedding light upon the underlying truth within each of us.